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State-of-the-Art: our laboratories guarantee high Performance standards with good economic viability. Reason why: The close gear cutting of science and application.

Experienced assistants and scientific young people

A personnel mix from of many years experienced specialists and scientific young people creates ideal presuppositions for unrestricted professionalism with visible expenses. They would like your search, diagnostics, product development; communication or your digital need entrust our specialized service teams?

Analysis. Diagnostics. Research

We offer custom-made solutions for the most different demands of private and public participants from environment, economy and health service. Our lab services enclose the areas of Genetics, blood and pollutant diagnostics, environment analysis, fossil raw materials, water and ground analysis, formulation and formulation of cosmetics or food to enumerate only the most important ones of the widely fanned out chemical and biological questions.

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Best, you look on our team side after the fitting team of specialists.