About us

Inseparably connected with the person of the studied pharmacologist and toxicologist Prof. Dr. Virgile AHYI, the laboratories IRGIB ARICA belong today to the most famous search and diagnostics Instituts of the region.

Dedicated to best practice: The laboratories led by Professor AHYI get on as the operational spear top of an on African development aims focussed double strategy.


The methodic-theoretical top forms from Professor AHYI in the 2000s created, stately recognized private university IRGIB AFRICA University. The bilingual university offers studies in französcher and in English language and encloses two locations. The Fächercanon sets with nature about environment, economic science and jurisprudence main points in the development fields particularly relevant to West Africa. At the risk of modern digital media IRGIB AFRICA University employed or far the Unversitätsstandorte offers wohnaften student the possibility for the correspondence course.

Excellency obliges

The direct access to the outstanding talents of the scientific subjects protects to the laboratories IRGIB AFRICA a constant inflow in as well high-carat how high to motivated assistants. You of experienced diagnosticians and Rechercheuren the supporter engaged application helps to prevent grinding daily routine and to hold Performance standards and scientific Excellency at constantly high level.

Under Professor AHYI’s administration the IRGIB AFRICA laboratories are since their establishment dynamically on growth course. Following the non-profit principle any surpluses flow into the equipment and other expenses of the laboratories and the university.