Already before establishment of the IRGIB AFRICA University Dr. Virgile AHYI with chemical, toxikoligschen and pharmaceutical search services was active for business enterprise and national equipments(arrangements). In spite of the partly sensitive order situation we could win some customers to report from their(her) experiences with the laboratories IRGIB AFRICA:

Customer Klinik Patients

with unclear symptoms come to our consulting hours again. In such cases we need for the containment of the possible disease causes an extensive blood count analysis. Our diagnostics partner of the trust(confidence) are the laboratories IRGIB AFRICA: These laboratories work quickly, reliably and sure about result. We can only recommend these laboratories for medical diagnostics!

Customer Foodprocessing

Our mission: to supply the people(persons) in Benin and the region tasty, healthy and sure(safe) food. We would like to enrich the life of the people(persons) and ease! The laboratories IRGIB AFRICA support to us since a lot of years very successfully in the development and quality control of our products – products which wish the end users and which care, therefore, in the shelves of the trade for good sales(turnover). Voucher appetite!

Customer Kommunikation

We had a very important Event before some time. We wanted to put his(its) documentation in professional hands. Finally, depend of the media quality also the PR success and with it the ray force of our equipment(arrangement)! The communication-experts of the laboratories IRGIB AFRICA have excelled our expectations with exzellen filmed and cut videos. Who searches a complete careless package and one mad result for his(its) communicative aims, possible performance partner should place umbedingt the laboratories IRGIB AFRICA on his(its) Short craft!